Please join us to provide an “epidemic of hope” and healing for our veterans and first responders.


The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation believes that it is incumbent on every American citizen to offer critical support when a soldier comes home from dangerous conflict, as well as the first responder, for the many difficult and tragic calls they make daily. Seared on their hearts, the struggles and pain from the trauma they have experienced, requires an intentional retraining of the brain and tools to self-regulate. In many cases growth from trauma, cannot be met with traditional methods. We are at the forefront in the PNW to create or find strength-based programs that help those who serve reclaim their lives of purpose and passion. We offer a strong fabric of support through workshops, retreats, monthly huddles to help them find the right resources and develop healthy relationships. We believe this is the right response for the courageous work they do to keep us safe in country and in community!

Giving Details

The foundation offers hope and healing through our monthly huddles, workshops and opportunity to participate in groundbreaking and innovative training retreat lending support for the lifetime journey. The key to overcoming challenges and adversity in ones life requires connection to others.  The foundation is committed to providing the right resources, relationships and responses as we meet our heroes right where they are in their lives.  We believe in giving them permission to start dreaming about a life of purpose and passion. 

Give Someone Permission to Dream

Your gift is the spark that creates lasting change


An informed community and country can offer tangible help and real support for our heroes who have volunteered to serve down range in a foreign country or in the streets where we live. It is incumbant upon us as a grateful nation to be the right response in supporting them for the treacherous and dangerous work they do on our behalf.

Our Events

Part of our mission is to raise awareness and funding for programs that enrich the lives of soldiers and their families in a tangible way.  Our events have been embraced by the community, sponsors and media alike.

Do You Need Help?

If you are in a crisis and need to talk right away, or you are concerned about somebody else, there is always someone to listen and help.