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Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation Mental Health and Wellness Facilitator


Facilitate monthly “huddle” meetings, advisor to various workshops/symposium, support team

Major Objectives of Support Group Facilitator

  • To help reduce the stigma of asking for help or support when life after service (or while in) is more challenging and difficult than normal.
  • To offer a warm, confidential space to discuss concerns related to service-related trauma, issues that keep the attendee from being his /her best self and live productive, healthy lives with right relationships. One example is the Warrior PATHH guide model.
  • To introduce resource programs and services to support group attendees.
  • To facilitate the exchange of informal education to “huddle” group attendees.
  • To offer topic or subject matter that is relevant and relatable.
  • To encourage all support group attendees to become involved with service projects through examples: community, church, the foundation that will help in fostering sense of purpose and rightful place in their world.

Major Responsibilities

  • Attend the bi-monthly huddle meetings as facilitator.
    • Responsible for placing welcome and directional signage prior to the huddle meetings, take down and store for next meeting.
    • Allow a safe place for expression, concerns, thoughts, experiences for all attendees, venue will be secured by foundation and may not be the same for each meeting.
    • Create topics of interest that are relevant and resourceful.
    • Connect attendees to counseling, if needed or programs that could benefit.
    • Encourage attendees to attend foundation’s events in any capacity.
    • Encourage outdoor recreation, nature, etc., self-care and recovery are their responsibility
    • Identify possible candidates for Warrior PATHH program and connect them to foundation lead.
    • Report to foundation ED or Ex. Committee immediately if there are serious concerns about any individual demonstrating life threatening inclinations (attending the huddle, workshop, leadership summit, events).
    • Be super resourceful.
    • Be knowledgeable about the WP program and other programs that the foundation endorses and supports.
  • Communicate with the foundation leadership on a regular basis via email.
  • Be available to the foundation and the attendees to offer guidance, support and references for those that might require other professional resources. i.e., VA, counseling, therapy, support.


  • Lived experience as a first responder, veteran, law enforcement.
  • Professional background in the mental health profession, casework, counseling, etc.
  • Ability to guide the direction of foundation’s mental health and wellness support for returning WP alumni, members of the “huddle”, and workshop attendees.
  • Confidence with speaking in public or leading a group.
  • Willingness to develop a strong fabric of support for attendees at the huddle, Warrior PATHH alumni
  • Warmth and compassion for people, relatable, authentic, demonstrate healthy lifestyle.
  • Passing a criminal record check (at foundation expense).
  • Desire to become very familiar with Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation programs and services
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Open to alternative therapies.
  • Obtain yearly or every two years continuing education credits for working with either trauma or this specific population, expense covered by the Foundation.
  • Must be in good standing with the Department of Health. 
  • Have the capacity to prepare relevant topics, resources for attendees, and be responsive to board members and Ex Director.

Work Environment

The work environment is a small office located in Gig Harbor, WA. The noise level in the work environment is usually low to moderate. Reasonable accommodations in the work environment may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Time Commitment

There are currently two Huddles that meet once a month in Gig Harbor and Tacoma with plans to add a third meeting in Bremerton. Workshops are quarterly. 

Commitment is 4 hours per Huddle meetings and varying hours to prepare for workshops. In addition, administrative tasks and communication with the Foundation will also vary. More TBD.


The right candidate will be encouraged to participate in the Warrior PATHH program for the experience and knowledge. 

To apply, please send your resume to our Director of Operations Fenny Friis at

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