9-11 memorial

Reflecting on that horrendous day of 9/11 at the Freedom Tower and memorial in New York is a somber experience and for thousands if not millions will always be stingingly painful.  Many young men and women saw that day as a call to arms and signed up to protect our country and our way of life which includes the son of the Permission To Start Dreaming organization.  His cousin was killed at the Pentagon that day leaving an indelible mark to the heart and soul of her family left behind.

This foundation will never forget that day or ignore our covenant we make to our soldiers and their families who have seen 15 plus years of deployments and sacrifice as war-fighters.  It is estimated that 700,000 veterans are battling some form of combat related stress, which also impacts the families of these courageous men and women.  9/11 families, servicemen and women and first responders who still suffer from the collateral damage of that day, deserve our unwavering respect and gratitude.

We will always honor those who served, remember those who are still affected by the profound loss and we pledge to do our part by encouraging the transformation of “struggle to strength” in our mission. Trauma does not discriminate.

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