Reflecting on this past year, perhaps as you, I have many concerns and questions. Politics aside, I admit to being fearful for our country as I witness the great disruption and division. From within, it feels like there is an attack that has been waged on our nation. It seems more fragile and tumultuous. There has been a lot of collateral damage to our psyche, some might even suggest that there is evidence of many Americans experiencing a form of PTSD. Trauma does not discriminate.  

As a grateful and proud American, I do not want to see this pandemic or political climate alter our perspective of what is still noble, good, and necessary. Especially when it comes to those who serve and protect our streets and country. Our law enforcement, first responders and our military veterans cannot pay the highest price in this current climate, they need our support now more than ever.   

Despite the uncertainties, I stay focused and remain grateful for the good work and accomplishments of the Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation. The positive impact it has had for those it was intended is beyond my wildest dreams. I can say with pride and confidence, in light of the immense challenges due to the pandemic, our “dream team” staff and volunteers alike, have dug in, endured and continued to provide community and connection for our veterans and first responders. Many of our events have had to cancel or adjust but we have remained vigilant in our efforts to offer the best events, training, and tools for our heroes, reminding them that their best days are ahead. Through our monthly Huddles, leadership workshops, and Warrior PATHH (Progressive and Alternative Training for Healing Heroes) veterans and first responders are finding hope and healing. Transformational education offers knowledge that enhances the fundamental understanding of wellness and resilience required in this complex and highly dangerous climate.

Law enforcement and military encounter traumatic loss, moral injury, and life-threatening experiences in this modern conflict. If left unchecked, this can lead to a lifetime of grief, shame, betrayal, anger, and severe depression. They need specialized training and tools to develop an “overcome mindset”.

To ensure that we can fully provide the essential and growing needs, our goals for 2021 are ambitious. We urgently need your financial support to succeed.   

I humbly ask that you consider us in your year-end giving.  Whether it is a monthly donation of $5, $500 or $5,000, it all helps and will allow the Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation to keep doing the work and serving an even greater number of our courageous heroes.  

Our mission in 2021 is twofold: it is first to deliver the Warrior PATHH training to 56 Warriors and First Responders here in the Pacific Northwest and expand our reach to serve over 400 individuals through workshops and monthly Huddles. These specifically address serious matters that include sexual and psychological trauma. These highly effective and proven programs are available at no charge for military combat veterans and first responders.

With your contribution, no matter what amount, I know that lives, families, and communities will be saved as we aim to strengthen support for these heroes serving and protecting us, day, and night.   

With sincere gratitude,    

Leslie Mayne | Founder  

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