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Please join us to provide an “epidemic of hope” and healing for our veterans and first responders, sign up for one of our incredibly fun events as a volunteer, participant, or you can donate here. There are so many opportunities: whether you run, golf, shoot trap, or pray, you can become a “compassionate ally” and keep our commitment to those who selflessly serve and their families.

The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation believes that it is incumbent on every American citizen to be a part of the integral and critical support when a soldier returns home or a first responder memories of too many tragic calls he or she sees daily.  Too many struggles, and sometimes with trauma not always related to their service, that they can’t overcome with traditional methods. We are at the forefront in the PNW to create or find strength-based programs that help those who serve find fulfilled lives with passion and purpose, separate from the tremendous and courageous work that they do to keep us safe.  We offer a strong fabric of support through workshops, retreats, monthly huddles and help them find the right resources and relationships.  The right response!

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Building the foundation of our volunteer “dream team” began 10 years ago when 30 plus family and friends met at the Best Western Wesley Inn to plan the first Race for a Soldier.  It has now grown to over 500 people who volunteer endless hours and effort for our 4 events and other opportunities to dig in and make a difference for those who serve. We cant operate without our selfless community members.  For many families and organizations, participating with the foundation, is an annual tradition.  It is the ultimate “feel good” for sure.  There are countless ways to get involved.  Will you join us this year?     

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We are grateful for your generosity and support. Your gift is the spark that offers the lasting chance.

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If you are in a crisis and need to talk right away, or you are concerned about somebody else, there is always someone to listen and help.