As we grow and our network widens, we have had the tremendous opportunity to encounter other amazing organizations. These are organizations that align with our mission to foster healthy growth and healing for those who have served our country and protected our communities.

The mission: to deliver comprehensive interdisciplinary care, conduct focused research, and export knowledge to benefit military veterans, first/emergency responders, retired athletes, their families, health care professionals and society. At MIBH, we strive to advance training, educational and research activities and support of our clinical cared model.

The mission: to empower post 9/11 veterans and service members with brain injury to live with hope and purpose by providing high quality, comprehensive and personalize rehabilitation care.

We specialize in caring for military veterans of any discharge status. The mission: to aid in the healing, recovery and preventive treatment of veterans by treating the whole Veteran and providing the most comprehensive and multidisciplinary care. We address mild to moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), post-traumatic stress and other physical and psychological health concerns.

The Mission is: to provide barrier free comprehensive and transformative care to Veterans and First Responders for the physical, emotional and cognitive changes that can accompany trauma to the head. Care is integrative and collaborative, treating the whole person: mind body and spirit.

The mission: Duty. Service. Honor. To fulfill our duty to serve veterans and direst responders by improving the evaluation and treatment of service-related traumatic brain injuries through clinical practice research and education.

The mission: To heal our nation’s warriors through our private, licensed, and accredited resort-style healing centers. We do this by specializing in substance abuse treatment and co-occurring phycological disorders, with special attention to post-traumatic stress, unresolved grief/loss, and moral injury. 

Who We Are

We are committed to bringing hope and healing to our first responders, military members, veterans and their families dealing with post-traumatic stress and combat trauma.

Do You Need Help?

If you are in a crisis and need to talk right away, or you are concerned about somebody else, there is always someone to listen and help.