We are committed to the future and well being of our veterans and first responders


Our Mission: We help veterans and first responders throughout the Pacific Northwest to access effective, long-term solutions to transform Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Growth.

Our Vision: Is for every veteran, first responder and their families, a fulfilled life within reach of their dreams: our hope is for every American the will to make it a reality.


United States Army Private First Class Kyle Marshall Farr, of the 240th Quartermaster Unit SSA Platoon which supported the 169th Support Battalion during Operation Iraqi Freedom was an infantryman. When he returned home, he was treated for Post Traumatic Stress and diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury at both Walter Reed and Perry Point VA Hospital in Maryland.

At 27, Kyle’s life was cut short. He died from an overdose in a Baltimore hotel room on March 7, 2009, the first night of being discharged from his treatment. He was laid to rest in Hamilton, VA. where he spent most of his childhood.

Born out of tremendous grief and a determined desire to help other veterans, his mother, Leslie Mayne, along with her family and friends determined to honor Kyle’s memory and service to his country by seeking better outcomes for other returning veterans. The Race for A Soldier in Gig Harbor, WA. was created in 2011 and the beginning of a movement that is bringing hope and healing for our veterans, helping them make peace with their past and develop programs that foster “post traumatic growth.”

Who We Are

We are committed to bringing hope and healing to our first responders, military members, veterans and their families dealing with post-traumatic stress and combat trauma.

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If you are in a crisis and need to talk right away, or you are concerned about somebody else, there is always someone to listen and help.