Permission to Start Dreaming offers multiple programs and workshops for veterans and first responders to come together and find peace

The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation has grown and expanded programs to support local veterans, as well as first responders in the Pacific Northwest. We know that there are pressures and trauma of experiences in their jobs that only those who serve can comprehend and are asked to endure. The foundation understands the value of providing strength-based programs for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

These programs include Monthly Huddles, Post-Traumatic Growth Workshops, and training opportunities for Post-Traumatic Growth Retreats.


Trauma does not discriminate. Those who experience it need connection to others. Monthly meetings welcome warriors and first responders to meet them where they are.

Mind, Body, and Spirit Workshops

Growth and hope can coexist with grief and trauma. There will be ups and downs.  Workshops focus on healthy and life affirming tools that develop self-regulation rather than self-medication

Training Opportunities

The foundation funds training for alternative and strength-based programs or therapies that are aligned with our values and mission. We remove financial barriers so that our veterans and first responders can benefit from counseling, therapy and other programs if they have financial constraints or these programs are not covered by their insurance. We encourage individuals to apply for that financial support. Whether it is counseling at a local mental health clinic, alternative therapy, or other groups or programs that we have identified as sound and proven, the foundation will make those funds available for “those who serve” in the Pacific Northwest. 


As we grow and our network widens, we have had the tremendous opportunity to encounter other amazing organizations. These are organizations that align with our mission to foster healthy growth and healing for those who have served our country and protected our communities. 

Our Events

Part of our mission is to raise awareness and funding for programs that enrich the lives of soldiers and their families in a tangible way. Our events have been embraced by the community, sponsors and media alike.

Do You Need Help?

If you are in a crisis and need to talk right away, or you are concerned about somebody else, there is always someone to listen and help.