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The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation’s 14th Annual Prayer Breakfast will be held at Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church in Gig Harbor, Washington on September 6, 2024 at 0800. Dedicated to the memory of PFC Kyle Marshall Farr, son of Leslie Mayne, founder of the nonprofit Permission to Start Dreaming organization. Its mission is to allow a safe and honoring place for soldiers to tell his or her story. Often these stories are too painful and too heavy to bear alone. The Prayer Breakfast was created to provide the civilian community and its leaders the privilege of sharing that burden. A rare opportunity for the community. These sought out and nationally recognized military leaders, first responders and advocates, will share their “stories of life, rebirth and transformation and (the audience) will come to understand and appreciate the human experience at its very best”.   

Event Details

Friday September 6th, 2024

Doors open at 7:30 am

Program Starts at 8:00 am

Chapel Hill Church

7700 Skansie Ave

Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Featured speakers & guests

Victor marx

The Dangerous Gentleman

Victor Marx is a high-risk humanitarian on a global mission to set captives free — physically, emotionally and spiritually. Victor’s focus is on rescuing abused and trafficked children and women, and hunting predators to bring them to justice. His work includes providing refuge and restoration to abused girls in Southeast Asia, and bringing hope and healing to Israeli and Palestinian children amid terrorist devastation in and around Gaza.

Victor’s passion for freeing children is fueled by his own experience being tortured and abused as a child — trauma that spiraled into drug use, fighting and stealing as a teen. The discipline of military life and faith in God helped him recover from his traumatic childhood. Today, Victor is a sought-after speaker for his trauma-to triumph tale and motivational message aimed at offering hope and promoting resilience amid adversity.

He encourages countless listeners through speaking engagements, social media and his popular podcast, mixing humor with real, raw stories of survival and redemption.

This husband of 35+ years, father and grandfather is Founder and CEO of “All Things Possible Ministries” (ATP), which serves to preach the gospel, protect children and pursue predators. ATP also offers e-courses ranging from improving marriage relationships to being set free from addiction.

rose tennent

“Rose Unplugged” Podcast

Rose Tennent has 20 years in both radio and television. She is currently the host of “Rose Unplugged” Podcast and frequent guest host for Sean Hannity and other national personalities. Her television background includes hits on FOX News and CNN. Rose is a recognized speaker nationally on topics of interest to women, liberty, and faith. 

She has contributed to several publications including The American Spectator, with many exclusive interviews. Her book “Thanking Our Soldiers” includes an interview with Charlie Daniels.

Rose’s Ministry, “She Is Called By Him” ( provides News, Ministry & Support for Women.

Rose’s outreaches have gained much attention – demonstrating the need for faith and encouragement in a world that increasingly turns its back on the traditions and values that made this country great. 

Rose brings to her platforms what she has for 20 years to radio –a powerful perspective on truth, and hope for an America worth saving.

jenna griffith

Author of “Service and Soul”

Jenna Griffith, Purpose and Prosperity Expert is a renowned certified compassion coach, founder of the Service and Soul Group, accomplished author. As a former military spouse and current first responder wife, Jenna empowers other military and first responder spouses to find their purpose and embrace their individual skills and passions while still serving alongside their spouse.

Throughout her life, Jenna has faced numerous challenges, including being a teenage mother, caring for a micro-preemie baby, and aiding in her ex-husband’s recovery due to a helicopter accident in 2011. These experiences have shaped her into a caring and empathetic caretaker, motivating her to share her knowledge and experiences with others. Jenna’s passions lie in helping other women discover their true calling and equipping them with the necessary tools to embark on their own transformative journeys. With a strong background in health and healing, Jenna possesses a strong foundation in guiding others towards personal growth and fulfillment.

Through her courses, workshops, and upcoming book, “Service and Soul,” she empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and embrace their passions. Jenna addresses the common question, “What do I do now? What is my purpose?” and encourages individuals not to feel guilty for pursuing their own dreams while also caring for their spouse.

As a dedicated advocate, Jenna provides a wealth of resources to help military spouses navigate their unique challenges. She aspires to save marriages and strengthen families by fostering personal growth and self-discovery.

Elijah o’neal

The American Journey Experience

Serving as Manager of Education for the American Journey Experience, Elijah O’Neal is an avid public speaker educated in American history and constitutional jurisprudence. Along with traveling the nation with America’s Constitution Coach & former Texas House Representative Rick Green, he worked in the Texas House of Representatives during the 86th & 87th Legislative Sessions as Director of Communications.

Now, Elijah oversees operations at the American Journey Experience museum and travels the nation empowering Americans with the truth of their heritage.

Personal Mission Statement:

In joy, love, and long suffering, I endeavor to fulfill God’s perfect will for my life as a happy warrior, to act as an agent of positive change in the lives of His people, and to serve until my last breath the Perpetual Union and its God ”.