Giving our Soldiers Permission To Start Dreaming

Our Mission

We discover, and help Veterans throughout the Pacific Northwest access, effective, long-term solutions to transform Post-Traumatic Stress into Post-Traumatic Growth.

Our Vision

Is for every Veteran and their families, a fulfilled life within reach of their dreams: our hope is for every American the will to make it a reality.

Why We Run

We run because the longest journey many of our soldiers face is not the plane ride home from distant battle fields...

We run because the longest journey many of our soldiers face is not the plane ride home from distant battle fields, but rather the struggle they face upon returning. The statistics are staggering regarding the numbers of service men and women suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), many of whom are unaware of or unable to access the resources and support they need. Mental health issues related to service (and specifically, though not exclusively, service in war), can be severe. Coping tactics such as substance and alcohol abuse, gambling and money issues are devastating families and disintegrating relationships. Many honorable men and women, fearing all hope is lost, are making desperate, unhealthy and sometimes life ending choices. We are on a mission to make a significant difference in this struggle. Through events like the Prayer Breakfast, Swing For A Soldier and Race For A Soldier, we raise money and awareness to support programs offering essential healing needed by our Soldiers. Please take the time to review the following information about our programs, and consider joining us with your support this year. With your help, we will continue to grow and offer a tangible way for our communities to give back to those who have served so bravely and honorably.

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Who we Help

The Permission to Start Dreaming Foundation exists to bring hope and healing to our military members, veterans and their families who deal with post-traumatic stress and combat trauma. The foundation has given nearly $300,000 to local alternative veteran’s organizations since its inception in 2011 as well funding and developing its own programs. As the foundation has grown, it has spawned a dynamic movement in the Pacific Northwest, offering veterans real and tangible help, strength based and solution focused. In 2017, it delivered an innovative retreat program fostering “post traumatic growth” and will continue to develop that so more veterans from the PNW can participate.

The foundation offers connection for our military with monthly Veterans Huddles, currently planning its first wellness workshop to help them make peace with their past for a better future and strategically planning for the creation of the Northwest Passage, a comprehensive wellness veteran center. With the help from local community minded sponsors, events like Race For A Soldier, Prayer Breakfast, Pull For A Soldier and Swing For A Soldier demonstrate an “epidemic of hope” for our returning military.

Veterans Expeditions

Sierra Club
Veterans Expeditions empowers veterans through outdoor training and leverages veteran leadership skills though employment opportunities. Click to learn more.

Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors

Western Washington
Heartbeat Serving Wounded Warriors supports wounded warriors and their families through Emergency Financial Assistance, Back in the Saddle Warriors, Scuba Warriors and additional morale building programs. Click to learn more.

All American Assistance Dogs

Puget Sound Region
All American Assistance Dogs provides returning veterans with canine companions to aid in their life outside of service. Assistance dogs provide a lifeline and purpose for their companions. Click to learn more.

Operation Ward 57

Operation Ward 57 supports wounded and ill service members, veterans and their caregivers through advocacy, education and promotion of their circumstances. Click to learn more.

Growing Veterans

Growing Veterans uses farming as a platform to equip our veterans with knowledge, skills and awareness to be highly effective peer support mentors, and set the standard for future engagement and communication among all of our Veterans. Click to learn more.

Spikes K9 Fund

Spikes K9 Fund
Spikes K9 Fund supports training, care and preservation of military service dogs to ensure their complete health while working and during their retirement days. Click to learn more.

Crista Camps

Operation Xtreme
Crista Camps Operation Xtreme offers supportive and fun retreat experiences for kids and youth from military families. Crista Camps desire is to serve and support the unique needs of these children whose parents are serving our country. Click to learn more.

USO Northwest

The USO Northwest aims to provide all the comforts of home to service members and their families. This support includes morale events, troop care packages and family services – including counseling and community services. Click to learn more.

How You Can Help

Part of our mission is to raise awareness and funding for programs that enrich the lives of soldiers and their families in a tangible way. From its inception in 2011, Race For A Soldier and our other events have been embraced by the community, sponsors and media alike.

Please consider attending, sponsoring or volunteering at either of our upcoming events, or by making a one-time donation to the foundation.

In either case, thank you for your time and consideration.

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